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Sunburn and Beaches

mtb2013-05-04-259What shall I do today, or more accurately where shall I go?  Being my wedding anniversary no planning could take place as I was not sure how much time would be available.  So after a lovely, if not healthy, breakfast with my equally lovely wife an idea began to take shape.

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Bocairent To Gandia on the Vias Verdes

bocairentIt was a glorious morning when we set off for the journey to Bocairent and the start of the greenway.  My wife and son had volunteered to drop me off before driving down to Gandia to spend the afternoon on the beach waiting for my eventual arrival.


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Maigmo Greenway (Via Verde)

mtb2013-03-31-208The Maigmo greenway or Via Verde, goes downhill from Maigmo, north of Alicante towards the coast stopping short of Alicante near the village of Agost. The route goes slightly beyond the village to the current station.

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Alcoy to La Sarga Greenway (Via Verde)

2013-03-31-183Via Verdes or Greenways are a network of disused railway lines across Spain that have been redeveloped for walkers and cyclists to enjoy.  They are a great way to access the Spanish countryside without the risk of getting lost and because they are old railway lines the inclines are not too steep.

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