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A Sneaky Afternoon Ride

20-Jan-2013-1Being self employed can be a pain when it comes to fitting in training, but when the workload eases a bit, a sneaky midweek ride can be fitted in.

It always feels good to set off on a weekday afternoon, knowing all your friends are slaving away at work.

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A little Bit Further, Just

My last couple of runs have been slower than expected and shorter than I would have liked.  What's wrong with me?  Weight seems to be the answer along with lack of exercise and a rather too full diet.


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A Nice Sedate Ride With My Son

Shall we go mountain biking this afternoon dad?  The weather was a bit on the chilly side but why not and it's always better with company.


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A bit Quicker This Morning

Had a better run this morning, a bit less wobbling and a bit more bounce to my stride, "things can only get better" as the song goes.

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First Ride Of 2013

Not sure whether this can be classed as training, wobbling round slowly more like.

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First Run Of 2013

runningOh Dear is all I can say, start the new year as we mean to go on, well that was the idea anyway.  If it carries on like this though I may as well give up.

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2012 BTT Bernia Pt.2

Mountain BikingFollowing on from my failed attempt at this year’s event, I decided that I should at least try to finish the route, just so I know where the new bits are and am ready for next year.  Setting off from home I took the slightly faster road down to Jalon and headed out of the village past the scene of my puncture and DNF of a few weeks ago.  Cycling carefully looking for any obvious sharp rocks, none where found so still not sure on the cause of my mishap, but not to worry onwards and upwards as they say.

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Train In The Rain

Rain Over The TerraceLooking out across the rain soaked terrace this morning reminded me of the UK in my teens.  Setting off from my parent’s house to run around the local lanes through puddles and mud left by tractors, trying to gain a faster time or run a greater distance than the previous effort.

This morning though the motivation wasn’t quite there, rain and fog aren’t a good combination for running therefore breakfast, followed by shopping seemed like a better idea.

The problem is an old one, how to get motivated in the winter?

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