New Years Resolution (update)

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So, I thought that it was about time to update everyone on my progress this year. Having made a bold statement of intent in my New Years Resolution, was I actually following up with action or had I slipped back to winter comfort foods and cold weather excuses. 

So how am I doing, well as of today 25th Feb it has been quite a good start, not perfect but quite good.  Starting with a brisk walk on the morning of the 31st Dec 2013 I have managed to achieve 29 days with some form of exercise, brisk walk, run or MTB in 8 weeks which is pretty good going, for me anyway.

The brisk walks help to get the legs going before attempting any form of jog or run,  this method usually works well for me.  Mountain biking is better but I couldn't seem to get motivated for that in the first few weeks.  It is also a problem with hours of daylight in the winter months as I don't like to be out training on the bike in the dark.  i do have lights but would rather not take the risk.  You can check out my routes and times on the Sports Tracker website.

Moving on week on week the times have improved as well as my overall fitness, most importantly however is the weight loss.  Over the 8 weeks I have managed to lose around 8.5kg in weight which is superb.  I'm still not down to my ideal weight, but not far off.

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