New Years Resolution

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OMG I have just had the shock of my life, on returning from one of my favourite restaurants, I decided it would be a perfect time to jump onto the scales to asses the damage of the festive season.  As the scales groaned into life it was obvious that there was a problem.  What do you mean no coach parties, that's not polite.

 Maybe OMG was a bit harsh I was after all aware of a slight issue this evening when my favourite jeans were troublesome to fasten and my nice snug fitting jumper had the Billy Bunter effect.

Oh dear what have I done to myself?

A general lack of effort on my part is the only answer, blaming anyone or anything else is just counter productive and of course you can run and ride bikes in the rain especially mountain bikes, after all humans are generally waterproof.

So where do we go from here you ask?

Well I could wallow in self pity for a few more weeks which would give me time to finish all of that lovely Christmas chocolate or starting first thing tomorrow 31st Dec 2013 I could start again as I did a few years ago, rationing all of the nice (sweet) things and slowly get back into shape.

The latter option sounds the best to me and that's the way to go, hopefully this time it will be a faster transition, as firstly I don't have quite so much to loose and secondly although I am overweight and have actively avoided exercise for what seems like months I can still crank the pedals for a few miles, running however is another matter.

Having over the last few years competed (its a loose term) in a number of MTB races and an annual duathlon cross event, it is my intention to attempt to get fit enough by March to compete again and hopefully by September the duathlon will be in sight once more.

Watch this space for regular ish updates on my progress.

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