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What is Sports Tracker? Quite simply Sports Tracker from is the most usefull app I have ever downloaded.  Everyone is producing apps these days some are good, others are attrocious, this one does exactly what it says on the tin.

 For me Sports Tracker gives me a way to track my routes and display them here, it allows me to monitor how often I go training without just guessing, was it two days ago or three, start the app and have a look.

Starting with an early version of the app on my old Nolia X6 it was accurate and user friendly straight out of the box so to speak, further improvements came with the switch to a C7 and most recently with the switch to the Android version of the app and it just gets better and it's still free.  The old adage of "You get what you pay for" doesn't seem to apply with apps.

So what can it do?

Sports Tracker will allow you with the use of a smartphone to track or log your exercise activities.  The obvious ones are running, walking and cycling, but it also has options for rollerblading, mountainbiking and a whole host of other activities.

Once the activity is logged you can view the track information including a map of the route, distance, duraton, calories burned, altitude and more on the phone as well as uploading them to an account on the Sports Tracker website.  Where you can share the information with friends on the website or post to Facebook or Twitter.

To date I have tracked 481 activities, over 403hrs and covered over 6000km burning 292265kcal in the process.  Doing a mixture of MTB, walking and running I have achieved this in just less than three years.  Not bad for a fat bloke.

If you would like to check out my routes click here.


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