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For the last 12-18 months I have been using a pair of DMT RS3 shoes donated by a friend (thanks Gareth) as he couldn't get on with them.  After a couple of rides and a bit of adjustment of cleats and straps I found them to be very comfortable if slightly large for me.  The soles offered a reasonable amount of grip in all but the worst conditions and flexed enough to allow walking for those steep climbs that I should have trained harder for.



During the winter months the nicely ventilated uppers became a bit problematic as my feet cooled down too much, but with the addition of some strategically placed duck tape (top tip for those on a budget) this was soon rectified.

Overall the shoes felt secure, comfortable and did the job asked of them, right up until the right sole came away from the upper at the heel.  Copious amounts of Super Glue later and we were back in business but the writing was on the wall.  They have now been relegated to spare status and no doubt will soon be disposed of as my collection of "spares" will eventually overflow the allocated space.

The new shoes appear on the face of it to be a bit of a bargain, purchased on line from Sports Direct and bearing the name of an old well established bike manufacturer "Muddy Fox".  Cleats attached and adjusted and they appear good, after a number of rides they have bedded in well and seem more than up to the job, as with many things these days only time will tell, but so far I am still smiling.

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