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Sports Tracker

What is Sports Tracker? Quite simply Sports Tracker from is the most usefull app I have ever downloaded.  Everyone is producing apps these days some are good, others are attrocious, this one does exactly what it says on the tin.

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New Shoes

For the last 12-18 months I have been using a pair of DMT RS3 shoes donated by a friend (thanks Gareth) as he couldn't get on with them.  After a couple of rides and a bit of adjustment of cleats and straps I found them to be very comfortable if slightly large for me.  The soles offered a reasonable amount of grip in all but the worst conditions and flexed enough to allow walking for those steep climbs that I should have trained harder for.


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New Wheels, Brakes & Shifters

Trek 4300 before new wheels etc.Looking forward to the 2012 BTT Benidorm, I started to check over the bike, all was well until it came to the wheels and more specifically the Shimano loose bearing hubs.  They had been serviced, by me, a couple of times over the last few years and adjusted regularly but after 4000km with me and an unknown amount with the previous owner they were starting to cry “enough”.

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Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Tamika MTB SaddleWhen I got back into mountain biking a few years ago the answer to this question was a resounding NO.  The saddle on my old bike was very much of the racing variety whereas my body shape was more comfort oriented.  Managing for a few months with the old seat seemed appropriate as this new found enthusiasm for cycling may have subsided as quickly as it appeared and being a Yorkshire man I’m not in the habit of frittering away the pennies.

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