Always Check Your Equipment

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Always check your bike before using it, wise words indeed and you can substitute bike for just about anything, car, chainsaw, climbing equipment etc.


Having got my motivation back a bit, Thanks to, I have been out pretty much every day for the last week and have so far racked up a little over 100 miles.  A downside to this new found vigour is a slight lack of maintenance, working hard, family life and trying to fit a ride in each day means that a thorough wash and going over with spanners etc after each ride has to give way to a weekly schedule with a quick once over before a ride.

That would be fine and I have stuck to this method for a few years however today I was a bit distracted and missed the part where I get out the gauge and check tyre pressure and it would seem didn't even try the age old " if it feels hard it probably is" method either.

So outside the garage I went waiting for my Nokia to find the signal before I could set off, beep beep it went and off we go.  Stand on the peddles, clip the SPD's, change into the big ring as we head down the hill from the house, life is great on a mountain bike.

I managed the grand total of about 30m to the first corner in fact, where applying the brakes a little and leaning in caused the soft front tyre to deform and oh dear, cannot release left foot as my weight is on it.  Landing on your thigh and shoulder and sliding down the road a bit on your elbow and knee hurts more at 43 than it used to at 13 and my mum isn't there to apply the Savlon, luckily my wife doesn't laugh too much and is quite sympathetic.

The moral of the story is an obvious one we all forget when we are busy, but I for one will be checking my tyre pressure every day from now on, well until the scars on my apendages have healed.

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